Christmas Party!

Some selected photos from my Christmas Party! I love setting up a booth for people to take photos- so much better than trying to track everyone down with my camera while I am trying to play hostess. I just hand off the remote and let them go for it!

 photo party037_zps8158da85.jpg

 photo party007_zps4124a09e.jpg

 photo party009_zps8afcc03f.jpg

 photo party054_zps61975684.jpg

 photo party063_zpsf1329689.jpg

 photo party065_zpsad822d40.jpg

 photo party016_zps0687b681.jpg

 photo party070_zpscf31f930.jpg

 photo party017_zpsb8edfa21.jpg

 photo party073_zpsc9857636.jpg

 photo party021_zpsf2408a4d.jpg

 photo party077_zpsdf2ef2c9.jpg

 photo party082_zps00c090d8.jpg

 photo party085_zps2f897367.jpg

 photo party094_zpsae315ff9.jpg

 photo party101_zps108d057b.jpg

 photo party106_zps745cf036.jpg

 photo party108_zps5c97a28f.jpg


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