Joe, Marsha and Cooper

I had so much fun shooting Joe, Marsha and Cooper!
They are such a cute little family and I love these photos.

 photo joeampmarsha19logo_zps64e7be1e.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha30bwlogo_zps2984ea33.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha38logo_zps4b8651ea.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha46logo_zpsb6301803.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha51logo_zpsf7965895.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha73logo_zps4ac1eb35.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha82logo_zps2ae0e19b.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha89logo_zpsca59c0f8.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha105logo_zpsf76d7628.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha113logo_zps93003a4f.jpg

 photo joeampmarsha117logo_zps47ce5767.jpg


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