Swedish Fish Nude Photo Show at Monorchid Gallery

I can’t even believe that I was a part of this show, there were so many talented and amazing photographers and it made me feel very much a part of the Phoenix art scene, a very surreal and exciting feeling. I’d never had any work on Roosevelt Row before last night, and for Phoenix, that’s a big deal. I am so thankful to Jen for putting on this amazing show and including me. She’s a total badass.

The images are of Taryn Ashley and Lauren at Mint Studio did a killer job on hair and makeup for me!

Mine are the ones in the gold frames!
They are still for sale – let me know if you are interested.

 photo swedishfish001censored_zpsd4534616.jpg

 photo swedishfish002censored_zps0ff5adb6.jpg

 photo swedishfish003censored_zpsaa1dae30.jpg

 photo swedishfish004cropped_zps9aa87928.jpg

 photo swedishfish005censored_zpsb106206c.jpg

 photo swedishfish007colorcorrect_zps6d3aafe9.jpg

 photo swedishfish008colorcorrect_zps8477281e.jpg

 photo swedishfish011cropped_zps3b896bae.jpg

 photo swedishfish012censored_zpsbddcb692.jpg

 photo swedishfish013censored_zps21d29141.jpg

I don’t know how I got so lucky to get such an amazing and supportive boyfriend. He is always behind me 100% and makes me feel like I can do anything and everything! I am so proud to be his partner and so blessed to have him in my life. He is the reason why I still do what I do. I’ve almost given up so many times and he always keeps me going.

 photo swedishfish014censored_zps861fac9b.jpg

 photo swedishfish017cropped_zpsc611ee42.jpg

 photo swedishfish018censored_zps034b89da.jpg

 photo swedishfish019censored_zps54c6114f.jpg

 photo swedishfish020_zpsf1e1f0a5.jpg

 photo swedishfish021censored_zps8a2179d1.jpg



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