AZ State Fair 2013

Yesterday we went to the fair, and it was so much fun! It’s such a magical place.
We met Mike’s brother and niece and it was so awesome to see all the excitement through her eyes.
And watching her eat a deep friend snickers was hilarious, she LOVED it to say the least.

 photo IMG_0461_zps827466dd.jpg photo IMG_0462_zpsc21dd15a.jpg

 photo IMG_0463_zpse0be17d6.jpg

 photo IMG_0464_zps33503512.jpg

 photo IMG_0465_zps1e79dfb6.jpg

 photo IMG_0466_zps43926082.jpg

 photo IMG_0467_zpsf63bce90.jpg

 photo IMG_0468_zps704b7c6e.jpg

 photo IMG_0469_zps5129d73a.jpg

 photo IMG_0470_zps2f48a15c.jpg

 photo IMG_0471_zps54649566.jpg

 photo IMG_0473_zps2c782f77.jpg

 photo IMG_0476_zps0db1edcc.jpg

 photo IMG_0477_zps39f3a873.jpg

 photo IMG_0481_zpsea3906dd.jpg

 photo IMG_0485_zpsa81e5d1d.jpg

 photo IMG_0489_zps397f808e.jpg

 photo IMG_0490_zps7f034bcd.jpg

 photo IMG_0491_zps9b8525f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0494_zps4e8d53e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0495_zpsce429653.jpg

 photo IMG_0497_zps796a8ec4.jpg

 photo IMG_0498_zps9793fe7e.jpg

 photo IMG_0499_zps3eed6169.jpg

 photo IMG_0501_zps12e80e2c.jpg

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