Amanda Ferguson

I have been DYING to share these gorgeous shots, but Amanda got married recently and they were the gift to the groom!
So I had to wait, as much as it hurt, but now that they tied the knot- I can show off this gorgeous vintage beauty!
There were definitely more to this set, but those are for hubby’s eyes only!!!!

Model: Amanda
MUAH: Stevie Rosalie

 photo amanda12logo_zpsd4c6c75b.jpg

 photo amanda146logo_zps30c25dc0.jpg

 photo amanda190logo_zps1a8deeb3.jpg

 photo amanda208logo_zps1ddc7616.jpg

 photo amanda218logo_zpsfb888865.jpg

 photo amanda233logo_zps87dd4f46.jpg

 photo amanda295logo_zpsd2c1faba.jpg

 photo amanda319logo_zpsebeb9db5.jpg

 photo amanda357logo_zps8e17c810.jpg

 photo amanda366logo_zpsc3d74f8d.jpg

 photo amanda426logo_zpsdae532fe.jpg

 photo amanda456logo_zps80746ced.jpg

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