Celeste in San Dimas

I had so much fun on my trip to San Dimas, despite being super sick!
I felt like a zombie while shooting and was so nervous to upload and find some photos that just didn’t make sense.

I think Celeste killed it and Mandie’s home is clearly a badass backdrop for some awesome retro shots!

Model: Celeste
MUAH: Lily Dueñas
Location: Mandie Bee’s Home
Dresses: Heartbreaker Fashion

 photo celeste24logo_zps9fcdda0a.jpg

 photo celeste35logo_zps4c3743fd.jpg

 photo celeste39logo_zps0cb0b150.jpg
 photo celeste62logo_zpsd0db250a.jpg

 photo celeste101logo_zps95355bc7.jpg

 photo celeste105logo_zps928eade7.jpg

 photo celeste129logo_zps3aa23de4.jpg

 photo celeste156logo_zpsbc1ab9a9.jpg

 photo celeste220logo_zps544652c7.jpg

 photo celeste227logo_zps2320fb2f.jpg

 photo celeste271logo_zpseb823253.jpg

 photo celeste297logo_zps08b9af66.jpg


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