Murder Mystery Party! Murder at the Forty Deuces Speakeasy!

We were so lucky to go to an AMAZING murder mystery party last night.

It was put on by our friends Heather and Adam- and as you can see from the photos, they went ALLLLLL out.

We had an awesome time, and of course I always love a reason to get dressed up. Me and Mike played Cash and Cassandra Steal. Cash was the secret new leader of the Black Hand Gang and I helped him do all his dirty work. We found a murder weapon and we were going to try to avenge his partner who had just been murdered, but couldn’t figure out who did it. Everyone was pretty drunk (except me! DD!!!! which was a bummer because there was apple pie moonshine…) and we were sitting on our weapon for about an hour or so and then decided to kill Heather for no reason at all except that she threw the party and probably wanted to be able to say she got killed! Hahaha.

I got to eat lots of yummy foods and take lots of photos and the whole house was decorated, it was pretty amazing and I hope they make it an annual tradition!

 photo sept14004_zps6fc4bbb5.jpg

 photo sept14008_zps74b72ba4.jpg

 photo sept14009_zps4fb94703.jpg

 photo sept14012_zpse82c24f3.jpg

 photo sept14017_zpsddc09c93.jpg

 photo sept14021_zps64c2a345.jpg

 photo sept14027_zps98bac7a2.jpg

 photo sept14030_zpseaafe429.jpg

 photo sept14031_zps5c662d97.jpg

 photo sept14034_zps5d41af32.jpg

 photo sept14035_zps15098fee.jpg

 photo sept14036_zpsf9230456.jpg

 photo sept14040_zps3f0d40ba.jpg

 photo sept14044_zps13741046.jpg

 photo sept14046_zps9c64bb6c.jpg

 photo sept14047_zps2d7ab1c3.jpg

 photo sept14048_zps4ac13ae4.jpg

 photo sept14050_zps9191af3c.jpg

 photo sept14053_zps9fe15020.jpg

 photo sept14056_zpsbdac076e.jpg

 photo sept14062_zpsba4c108b.jpg

 photo sept14064_zps4d25a3ad.jpg

 photo sept14077_zpscb17e174.jpg

 photo group_zpsdb3100fa.jpg


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