Johnny Cupcakes Business Lecture at Phoenix Art Museum

I already talked a bit about going to Johnny Cupcake’s business lecture in my What I Wore post, but wanted to share some more photos and more insight into what I got out of it.

I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed by the lecture. I already knew the story of how Johnny Cupcakes started, and I guess if I didn’t it would have been a lot more inspiring to me. A lot of what he covered was his brand’s history, which is totally awesome. However, since I knew this, I didn’t get as much out of it. It was very helpful and a big reminder that you can build a multi million dollar business from nothing. The biggest thing I got out of the whole night was when he talked about creating an experience for your customer. This is something I think I am good at, but of course can approve. I always ask my client what music they want to listen to. I offer water or tea or juice or wine. I make them feel important, but I want to do more. I already have lots of idea on how to do more. So if you’ve shot with me and book a shoot coming up, you will see some more changes coming. Also… gonna put those mailing addresses from my model releases to good use : ]

So here’s some snapshots of me and Shannon at the lecture!

 photo jc01_zps8901e81f.jpg

 photo jc02_zps6b563a06.jpg

 photo jc03_zps42100f66.jpg

 photo jc04_zps21583aff.jpg

 photo jc05_zps63e5cbb8.jpg

 photo jc06_zpscfe3b11c.jpg

 photo jc07_zpsb103b8eb.jpg

 photo jc08_zpsa677a1ef.jpg

 photo jc09_zps1c598d5e.jpg

 photo jc10_zpsf50c65ed.jpg


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