Lovely Links 2013 Vol. 5

Marana, AZ


Awesome post from one of my favorite blogs- bad sandwich chronicles.

Awesome short doc on Shannon & the Clams. One of my favorite bands.

Camping wedding! I waaaaaaaaaant!

I love Tess Munster– she’s so awesome!!!

Pretty sure Spoonflower is my new favorite website. I want to wallpaper my house like crazy now.

An eighteen year old female lawyer?! Yes!!!!

David Cross is hilarious, unfortunately this video isn’t too far off…

These photos make me want to visit the fair, it’s not too far away, October will be here sooner than we think.

This bracelet reminds me of the Simpson’s!

I want to be best friends with Natalie Slater!

I was a Girl Scout– were you?

I seriously loved this video, I’ve been obsessed with Lisa Frank for a long time. My 10th birthday was at the Lisa Frank factory!

Just another reason I seriously want to homeschool my kids, schools do stupid stuff.

I love Hilda, such a badass lady!

Henry Rollins and Ru Paul?! Yessssssss!


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