Lisa’s Wedding

So this past week was spent catching up from being out of town a few days for Lisa’s big wedding festivities and of course, ceremony!
I had a total blast and was so honored to be by Lisa on her big day (and be the bridesmaid who has known her the longest- first grade baby!)
Even though it was a huge, fun party I am glad it was done! Phew! What a lot of work- and it wasn’t even my wedding.
So this is just a small sampling of photos from the weekend, I took hundreds- duh!

 photo wedding006_zpsdb6f1070.jpg

Bachelorette Party!

 photo wedding019_zpsf8774d8d.jpg

Copied the Bridesmaids movie poster

 photo bachelorette098_zpsa76d933b.jpg

The bride and me! Excuse the dildo…

 photo bachelorette157_zps097093eb.jpg

Me and Kayla, the maid of honor, a total sweetheart of a lady

 photo bachelorette163_zps76a73e50.jpg

Me and Liz, slightly intoxicated

 photo mugshotcollage_zps4695d601.jpg

Morning after mugshots

 photo bachelorette167_zpsb9bdab95.jpg

Hike that I only did about 10 minutes of

 photo bachelorette173_zps40cbe5e4.jpg

Hey it’s hot, I’m turning around

 photo bachelorette180_zps29d97ead.jpg

Me and Liz during the rehearsal

 photo bachelorette189_zps2424e6ae.jpg

Rehearsal in the bright sunshine

 photo bachelorette203_zps71a3cf01.jpg

Me and Kayla at the rehearsal dinner

 photo bachelorette241_zps54e276c6.jpg

The couple the night before their wedding

 photo wedding044_zpsb11f99e6.jpg

Flower girl practicing the Harlem Shake

 photo wedding090bw_zpsf511f8e0.jpg

Bridesmaids at the salon

 photo wedding098_zps84ec8f4a.jpg

Liz didn’t stop eating marshmallows all weekend

 photo wedding112_zpscc4b3d03.jpg

Lisa taping a message for Calder

 photo wedding136_zpsa302a928.jpg

Mom helping her in her dress

 photo wedding158edit_zpsea77f350.jpg

The blushing bride!

 photo wedding167edit_zps585a1c16.jpg

Looks so cool in the desert setting

 photo wedding184_zps29b2e145.jpg

Groomsmen with Calder and his dad

 photo wedding192edit_zpsa7c4e021.jpg

Right after they tied the knot!

 photo wedding207edit_zpsd483713c.jpg

Me and Jessica

 photo wedding213_zps54022995.jpg

My handsome man in his fresh new Fred Perry

 photo wedding218_zps74259b4e.jpg

Travis, Jessica and her boy Mark

 photo wedding234_zps4676b101.jpg

Kayla looking like a creep on the dance floor

 photo wedding249edit_zps7b1fe160.jpg

Me and Mike, love this one

 photo wedding259_zps3d9136c5.jpg

Mark and Jessica, he caught the garter and she caught the bouquet

 photo wedding264_zps046d92dc.jpg

Kisses on the dance floor

 photo wedding301_zps7d03dd41.jpg

Rhonda and John

 photo wedding314_zps2cb47a11.jpg

Paris, the best man

 photo wedding394edit_zpsf76ccfaf.jpg

The Newlyweds, looking super sober

 photo wedding431_zps5afdb2e8.jpg

Lisa and me!


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