Every Body Is Beautiful!

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I had an amazing time on this shoot. I can’t even describe the love and positive energy these girls brought.
They knew exactly what I wanted to capture, and did so flawlessly!

I constantly get girls contacting me saying they want to book a shoot…when they lose some weight. It makes me CRAZZZZZZZY!
I have shot girls from age 6 to age 60. From 100 pounds, to 250. Black, white, blonde, brunette… it DOES NOT matter!
I really, truly, honestly believe that all girls are gorgeous. And all boys for that matter, and everyone in between the two genders/sexes.

I want girls to know you don’t need to be a certain size or shape, a certain height, tattoos or not- I want to photograph you all.
It’s such an exciting and challenging job, to show people how pretty they are. I want to show you how pretty you are!
Not just by giving you makeup and hair and playing dress up, but by exchanging positive vibes and love and helping build confidence.


A super big thank you to Lane, Miranda, Nikole and Stevie for participating in this shoot and radiating out lots of love and super awesome energy to my camera!

 photo everybody88_zpse06991fb.jpg


Aren’t these girls just flawless- these photos have NO touchups to their bodies, just some color corrections and brightness/contrast adjustments!

That’s my general rule of thumb, I don’t like to do “airbrushing” or “sucking in”- you look HOT just as you are!

 photo everybody146_zpsac130c9e.jpg


At the end I figured I should jump in too (after the girls encouraged me to do so!)

 photo btsshot_zps1625c949.jpg


And we cheers to a great shoot, and some big love and positive body image!!!!

 photo btschampange_zpsde19fcc5.jpg


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