Birthday Day Trip to Prescott

So on my actual birthday me and Mike took a trip to Prescott for the day.
We had a nice breakfast at Good Egg in Phoenix, then drove to Prescott.
When we got there, we got a few drinks at the Prescott Brewing Company and then later had pizza at Bill’s Pizza.
We also did a bit of walking and thrift shopping.
I love Prescott and I want to move and live there so badly.
It was so nice to spend the day with my man, as always, and we had a great time.
Then we went to dinner with some of my family at Yardhouse.

 photo birthday2_zps7fe1522f.jpg

 photo birthday3_zps63013619.jpg

 photo birthday4_zps549ea23c.jpg

 photo birthday5_zps3f3e2b89.jpg

 photo birthday7_zps5195a066.jpg

 photo birthday8_zpsb85b573f.jpg

 photo birthday10_zps848338ce.jpg

 photo birthday15_zps9547546d.jpg

 photo birthday17_zpsd1ebf551.jpg

 photo birthday19_zps83ecb184.jpg

 photo birthday20_zps0b1cc8fd.jpg


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