Fetish Heat 2013

I had an AMAZING time photographing Fetish Heat about two weeks ago.

They had to make me wait a week to post photos so they would drive more traffic to Horns and Halos, but now I can finally share!

I was lucky enough to meet and hangout backstage with the absolutely sweet as pie and breathtakingly beautiful Masuimi Max. Eeep!

 photo fetish12_zpsb39104d5.jpg

 photo fetish31_zps82110d1d.jpg

 photo fetish37_zpscdb58f86.jpg

 photo fetish68_zps8329f48c.jpg

 photo fetish120_zpsf6361a0a.jpg

 photo fetish137_zps91734a73.jpg

 photo fetish147_zps725efd52.jpg

 photo fetish165_zps37be53ee.jpg

 photo fetish175_zps8d65eaba.jpg

 photo fetish210_zps2c80f1bf.jpg

 photo fetish219_zps03b8baf6.jpg

 photo fetish227_zps974d859f.jpg

 photo fetish256_zps2cb1ca27.jpg

 photo fetish291_zpsd5acddd1.jpg

 photo fetish304_zps8d219b2b.jpg

 photo fetish305_zps08a32674.jpg

 photo fetish331_zps92133a0b.jpg

 photo fetish360_zps6d870059.jpg

 photo fetish372_zpscfa4f2f0.jpg

 photo fetish402_zps2deb36c3.jpg

 photo fetish466_zpse1c84266.jpg

 photo fetish491_zps3a64f93b.jpg

 photo fetish508_zpsd57354c4.jpg

 photo fetish524_zps9cb9e0e9.jpg

 photo fetish535_zpsf3e0324f.jpg

 photo fetish540_zps16bc62eb.jpg

 photo fetish545_zpsb6de2fc6.jpg

 photo fetish559_zpsde1efe88.jpg

 photo fetish578_zps980e06ce.jpg

 photo fetish617_zpsa9f22302.jpg

 photo fetish630_zpsc4f5f5d4.jpg

 photo fetish659_zps525a28f8.jpg

 photo fetish691_zpsfa8c1d24.jpg

 photo fetish741_zps525df59b.jpg

 photo fetish747_zps925441ec.jpg

 photo fetish749_zpse8d24bc5.jpg

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