My baby boys are one year old!

A few days ago, on August 9th, my two boys (Gunther Seamus and Rudy Tooty) turned on year old.

The puppies being born was so much fun, but so stressful too. If you want to read more click here.

You can also just search “puppies” and find lots of fun old posts if you’d like ❤


The boys when they were just a few weeks old

The boys on their first birthday!

We’ve gone back and forth on Rudy for a while.
He had a home after he was weaned off of his momma and they unfortunately were going to take him to the pound so we took him back in.
The plan was to get him a new home, but we ended up just keeping him around because we love him so much.
The two twins boys are inseparable and love playing with their other brother, Vargas.


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