Elizabeth Miller

Though she was recently married and has a new last name of Plunkett, she will always be Liz Miller, the girl I met at ska shows when we were so young!
One of the coolest things about my business is getting back in touch with people I’ve known for years and being able to photograph them, or their family, or their wedding, and help them capture a moment in time, a long time after our moments and memories together.

Liz did a killer job, and really posed like a champ.
She radiates beauty and watching her new husband look at her while she shot with such love and joy was a treat for me.
So much love and happiness, my job seriously kicks ass!

Elizabeth Plunkett
MUAH Stevie Rosalie
Mermaid Tail by Shannon O’Connor

 photo liz19logo_zpsfb04785c.jpg

 photo liz31logo_zpsc8e69421.jpg

 photo liz171logo_zpsf5a2a13b.jpg

 photo liz192logo_zpsb9f1d55d.jpg

 photo liz228logo_zps304b442f.jpg


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