Riley Kern Workshop

I seriously had such an amazing time at the Canon workshop with Riley Kern on Saturday.
It was amazing. I can’t even believe how sweet she was! I was so stoked to talk with her.
She was so eager to talk and help, I felt so overjoyed at the opportunity.

Here’s what I wrote on my instagram along with the above photo:
“I know I probably seem like the silliest fan girl, but meeting and talking to @rileykern yesterday was so awesome. It’s so refreshing to meet someone in the pinup world so eager to give advice and tips and help me out. So many photographers feel like they have to compete and can’t share a word and worry too much about someone else stealing their thunder. There isn’t a limited amount of success in the world. Just because one person is doing well, doesn’t mean you can’t be too. Especially as women, I feel like there’s too much cattiness and backstabbing and it bums me out. Thanks for being so sweet and kind and reminding me that my dream is possible because you are doing it right now Riley!”

 photo rileykern003_zpsef9a2b4b.jpg

 photo rileykern015_zpsa4a79b43.jpg

 photo rileykern016_zpsd98c30c6.jpg

 photo rileykern017_zps42003375.jpg

 photo rileykern025_zps05311bd6.jpg

 photo rileykern032_zps6a489855.jpg

 photo rileykern037logo_zps9c227850.jpg

Christine Barnum (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern040logo_zps5e9a738a.jpg

Christine Barnum (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern043logo_zps8ec56b9e.jpg

Christine Barnum (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern048logo_zpsbc3a26b5.jpg

Genevieve Davis (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern050logo_zpsa1104afe.jpg

Genevieve Davis (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern054_zps6beb64e3.jpg

 photo rileykern057logo_zps236fb108.jpg

Kiera Brady (MUAH: Christine Barnum)

 photo rileykern059logo_zps4cff988b.jpg

Kiera Brady (MUAH: Christine Barnum)


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