Lisa’s Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my good friend Lisa’s bridal shower.
Her wedding is just over a month away and I am a bridesmaid!
I helped a bit with the shower, but really her sister-in-law Janelle did a killer job with all the cute details!
It was a super fancy tea party at the Ritz Carlton downtown Phoenix and we had an awesome time!

It isn’t every day that you get invited to a tea party so I took full advantage and went all out with my outfit.
I figured better over dressed than under! I didn’t want to take off my outfit when I got home!


What I wore (though most isn’t really pictured):
Beverly Dress from Heartbreaker Fashion
Vintage hat gifted from an awesome client (thanks Amanda!)
Vintage earrings
Vintage Crinoline
Thrifted White Heels
Lux De Ville White Clutch


 photo lisashower2_zps0a0e1591.jpg

 photo lisashower3_zps8e8e7bcd.jpg

 photo lisashower5_zps8765cb12.jpg

 photo lisashower7_zpsf5990552.jpg

 photo lisashower8_zps9a77a92f.jpg

 photo lisashower13_zps8b8ba548.jpg

 photo lisashower23_zps8d395afa.jpg

 photo lisashower29_zps6138973c.jpg

 photo lisashower39_zps94720465.jpg

 photo lisashower40_zps504e0268.jpg

 photo lisashower42_zpse45053e3.jpg

 photo lisashower48_zps34d27737.jpg


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