Lovely Links 2013 Vol. 4

At July’s First Friday downtown Phoenix. This image was on New Times website/blog.


Oh my word! This is HILARIOUS- Gizzogle!

Gay biker wedding?! Yes!!!!

Danielle’s post about Disneyland on Sometimes Sweet is making me want a baby just so I can take him/her to Disneyland!


Post from Miss JessaDoll from a car show I photographed her at!

I was featured on Tattoo Tuesday! Yay!!!

Alright, can I get married at Disneyland or what?

Sexy girl toys? Ugh! This really irritates me!

My friend Liz got married, and the photos are incredible!

Adrian Loves Owls has an awesome post with really good thrifting tips!

What an amazing little girl! Yes!

This shows how important it is to nurture children’s creative side.

Keeping your maiden name? This is something I’ve thought about quite a bit, being known as “Tara O.”

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