Camping Trip!!!!

I had such an amazing time camping near Payson this past weekend.
It was exactly what I needed- a break from business and my day to day life in general.
But one night in an uncomfortable tent is more than enough.
It was the perfect amount of time to get away.
And since we couldn’t have a campfire it was a bummer to not make s’mores.
But I did find s’mores cupcakes so it was all fine!

 photo camping009_zpsb66921a7.jpg

 photo camping013_zps5b15f10a.jpg

 photo camping015_zps52e9bd7e.jpg

 photo camping018_zps95942722.jpg

 photo camping020_zps7b1b4ac3.jpg

 photo camping021_zps25bea78a.jpg

 photo camping024_zps93a2594d.jpg

 photo camping026_zps074a774a.jpg

 photo camping031_zps4a0273d2.jpg

 photo camping032_zps6681f98e.jpg

 photo camping034_zps4a421a6e.jpg

 photo camping041_zps91135350.jpg

 photo camping048_zps56e07fb8.jpg

 photo camping051_zps5eb7047e.jpg

 photo camping055_zps4ce99bd2.jpg

 photo camping059_zps25236694.jpg

 photo camping061_zpsec1ae994.jpg

 photo camping065_zps01ccf074.jpg

 photo camping067_zps29e35366.jpg

 photo camping069_zps4bff62ce.jpg

 photo camping073_zpsc690fe83.jpg

 photo camping078_zpsc6ed63f3.jpg

 photo camping079_zps09007ef9.jpg

 photo camping085_zpsfc8d8e71.jpg

 photo camping087_zps1e36841b.jpg

 photo camping089_zps99946ad6.jpg

 photo camping093_zps9622ac54.jpg

 photo camping094_zpsfe9c4ed2.jpg

 photo camping095_zpsf6123b00.jpg

 photo camping100_zps7e4001eb.jpg

 photo camping101_zps067d41ad.jpg

 photo camping104_zps781e4cef.jpg

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