Images from Photographer’s Adventure Club Meetup

This was seriously just such an amazing night, and I was so honored they asked me talk!
I was so nervous, but watching the video I did better than I though, especially for having to shout like a banshee!

 photo pacevent005logo_zps7d60c830.jpg

 photo pacevent014logo_zpsb2bbf6a1.jpg

 photo pacevent019logo_zps77b1f561.jpg

 photo pacevent021_zps06b049f3.jpg

 photo pacevent031logo_zps652f8b2a.jpg

 photo pacevent047logo_zps25ace86e.jpg

 photo pacevent075logo_zps5dbf2d32.jpg

 photo pacevent082_zps6133e236.jpg

 photo pacevent087_zps95ea2e53.jpg

 photo pacevent110_zps9d16aeff.jpg

 photo pacevent141_zps3b956410.jpg

 photo pacevent154_zps29a90091.jpg

 photo pacevent169logo_zps14d3391b.jpg

 photo pacevent185logo_zpsff8e85c6.jpg

 photo pacevent220logo_zpsa6edae58.jpg


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