Friendships as we age

I started thinking more about my friendships after reading this post from Sometimes Sweet.

This was taken last weekend at Breezy’s birthday get together (Breezy is on the left).
I hadn’t see her since January, when I went to her baby shower.
She’s since had baby Ethan and he’s already a few months old- and I’ve still yet to meet him (or photograph him!!!)

A few years ago in Tempe me and Bri lived close enough to walk to each other. We’d spend any day we weren’t busy with work together.
She’d walk over and hangout while I worked on the computer, or we’d watch tv. Or walk around Target and complain of being broke.
We did numerous photo sessions, practice for what now is how I make my living. Bri’s taught me so much about photography.
I’ll never forget making a veg bbq chicken pizza and eating the whole thing in a matter of minutes.
I will always remember our ladies nights with Ana and Taryn, playing yahtzee while gabbing and clucking like hens.
And of course, when she lived with me a few short months and we had so much fun together. Right when me and Mike started dating.

But now? She’s got a baby and I’ve got a business and we both are just so busy and the days go by quicker than I ever thought possible.
We both have killer boyfriends that we spend our days with, and are so blessed to be so lucky.
We’ve made plans a few times but things fall through, and it’s not that we don’t want to see each other, it’s just so difficult to find time.
We both also share cars with our significant others so that makes it even a little more hard to coordinate.
But my heart warms to an almost fire when I think of her, she’s so special and so amazing and beautiful. I love her.
It just picks right back up where it left off when we see one another, and I am pretty sure it always will.

When this photo was taken last weekend, Jessica (on the right) stopped by with her new boyfriend and we all chatted a while.
Jessica is one of those people that you just can’t believe actually exists.
She’s so kind and loving and sweet and funny- you just don’t see how it’s even possible.

We met on the first day of high school through a mutual love of 98 degrees and took all the nerd AP classes together for the next four years.
We’ve grown and been through so much together, from getting in a drunk fight in Boston, to her coming from Prescott the moment I needed her during a low episode I went through.
I can’t even start to list memories, because there is so many things to laugh at and so many moments we spent together.
Jessica works for an awesome kid’s tech summer camp and is busy traveling all over the country lately.
She lives in Prescott, though she’s not home all that often, and that makes it hard to get together sometimes.
I can’t wait to be bridesmaids together in Lisa’s wedding this September!

Point is, this is only two of a lot of lovely ladies in my life.
Though we don’t get together as often as we would love to, it doesn’t matter, it’s always nice to see one another and we cherish it so much!
I feel so blessed because I know a lot of girls say “Oh I don’t like being friends with girls…” not me.
I know some of the most amazing women on this planet and having ladies I can confide in and love to bits it’s a great feeling indeed!


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