Waychunas Wedding

This was for sure the best wedding I photographed so far!
The entire family was so warm and so welcoming and made me feel like I was at home with them.
They rented a mansion in Cave Creek, stayed a few days, and on the last day got married.
Only close family and friends were there, and it made for an amazingly intimate and lovely day.

Even though it was 13 hours of coverage and I was exhausted when it was all over, I felt so incredibly blessed to capture such a sweet and fun day.

 photo wedding139_zpsbd6c4621.jpg

 photo wedding230_zps25bce243.jpg

 photo wedding314_zps9c054569.jpg

 photo wedding476_zps92a29b3f.jpg

 photo wedding505_zps378fb230.jpg

 photo wedding637_zps0f88fc99.jpg

 photo wedding692_zpsca77b74a.jpg

 photo wedding749_zps2655306b.jpg

 photo wedding800_zps734933d1.jpg

 photo wedding929_zpsf6d78f24.jpg

 photo wedding1174_zps21341754.jpg

 photo wedding1222_zps510962d1.jpg

 photo wedding1244_zps1eea6e3e.jpg

 photo wedding1332_zpsfa40a22d.jpg

 photo wedding1370_zps8c5124df.jpg

 photo wedding1394_zpsa16b4c53.jpg

 photo wedding1470_zps3c127bbf.jpg

 photo wedding1539_zps1cbb60c5.jpg

 photo wedding1552_zpsa898ef29.jpg

 photo wedding1609_zpsa9300d74.jpg

 photo wedding1749_zps3dd33c23.jpg

 photo wedding1906_zpsecac6d69.jpg

 photo wedding2081_zps1662f2d9.jpg

 photo wedding2191_zps3891617b.jpg

 photo wedding2316_zps093902f4.jpg

 photo wedding2531_zps4f84cb0a.jpg

 photo wedding2545_zps6aaf5538.jpg

 photo wedding2586_zpsce3fdc7e.jpg

 photo wedding2651_zps9fb9d275.jpg

 photo wedding2731_zps92c5ca44.jpg

 photo wedding2793_zpsbd6e77ba.jpg

 photo wedding2824_zps876625d4.jpg

 photo wedding2980_zpscba11b20.jpg

 photo wedding3034_zps0f58fc2c.jpg

 photo wedding3869_zps027cdc95.jpg

 photo wedding4193_zpseec87037.jpg


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