Thrifting at Brass Armadillo with Stevie Rosalie

So me and Stevie got a little sidetracked yesterday and spent three hours at Brass Armadillo instead of shooting!
Oops! That’s ok though – she’s on her way over soon to shoot today.
We are going to get some awesome shots of her in Vital Vein Latex! Yay!

Anyways, we both made out like bandits and got some amazing stuff.
Then we came back to my house and high on vintage inspiration planned out themed shoots for the rest of the year!
Stay tuned for announcing a slew of shoot dates!

 photo steviethrift001_zpsfcfc92f4.jpg

 photo steviethrift003_zps91b77f2a.jpg

 photo steviethrift004_zps23b9240c.jpg

 photo steviethrift005_zpsf30fc9b1.jpg

 photo steviethrift006_zps95668485.jpg

 photo steviethrift007_zps2b7532c7.jpg

 photo steviethrift008_zps70bd13f1.jpg

 photo steviethrift009_zps58a2f9ab.jpg

 photo steviethrift010_zpsaf1f8c81.jpg

 photo steviethrift011_zpsd81c3acb.jpg

 photo steviethrift014_zpse3ee884c.jpg

 photo steviethrift015_zps51c0827b.jpg

 photo steviethrift016_zps71df402a.jpg

 photo steviethrift017_zps3a0ea544.jpg

 photo steviethrift018_zps3d8517bb.jpg


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