What I bought at Phoenix Comic Con!

Along with some badass prints from Art Lucia (which I will photograph once I frame and hang!) I got some awesome swag from the Phoenix Comic Con!

There was definitely more that I wanted to buy, but since I didn’t make as much money as I hoped I was careful.
Mike got an awesome shirt as well, but here’s what I snagged up!!!


This badass notebook from Skullastic! You pick your cover and what type of paper you want and the color of your binding!!!

You can order online too- so awesome. And if you are left handed they can bind it on the other side!

 photo comicconfinds001_zps349feac4.jpg

 photo comicconfinds002_zpsbf61ab60.jpg

 photo comicconfinds003_zps0b43a2ca.jpg

 photo comicconfinds004_zps0bcae920.jpg



I also got an awesome set of comics from J. Gonzo about a mexican wrestler.
I was mostly drawn to the badass bright colors.
Can’t wait to read these babies!

 photo comicconfinds005_zps4a04f357.jpg

 photo comicconfinds006_zpsc9eceba6.jpg

 photo comicconfinds007_zpsac2046aa.jpg

 photo comicconfinds008_zps5e5fb8f8.jpg

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