Phew!!! What a crazy amazing awesome busy hectic scary bananas weekend the Phoenix Comic Con was!!!
It’s Thursday and I am still trying to catch my breath…and get a little extra sleep!

I learned a lot about my business this weekend and what kind of people might be interested in my services.
I also am fine tuning how to tell people what I do quickly-
“I’m a portrait photographer!” “I do pinups, like retro style portraits!” “I don’t know, just hire me! I’m broke” Hahahaha.

Mostly, I had an amazing time with my sisters and got to hangout with both of them all weekend (well, Grace didn’t do Thursday night…)
I watched Shannon KICK MAJOR ASS (pardon my french!) and get a ton of commissions and praise and love from everyone, despite our kinda crappy placement across from the huge lego train set which made everyone go “Oh look over there!” and pass right by our booth. I am so proud of her and so impressed by how her artwork continues to grow and get better and better. She’s a badass.

And Taryn came by on Saturday and we had an awesome time getting photos with all the amazing costumes and eating gross overly expensive “Chinese” food.

Even though I lost money (boo!) it might be worth it in the long run since LOTS of people took my card and were interested in my work. I thought I’d sell a lot more pinup paper dolls, and I was surprised that I didn’t sell even one single greeting card! But I did book a shoot on site, and I have lots of girls who might book in the future so who knows!

All I know for sure is I had an awesome time, got to be the Powerpuff Girls with my sisters the last day and despite an alarm and building evacuation right at the end of the convention (no really, like 45 minutes before it was suppose to end on Sunday we ALL had to leave the convention hall) the weekend was freaking awesome!

 photo comiccon001_zpsb5f061a4.jpg

 photo comiccon007_zps7fddeb05.jpg

 photo comiccon015_zpscc445148.jpg

 photo comiccon019_zps3d1c8160.jpg

 photo comiccon020_zps140fc11f.jpg

 photo comiccon023_zps9eac5671.jpg

 photo comiccon029_zps6006becb.jpg

 photo comiccon031_zps77de7482.jpg

 photo comiccon033_zps694ee6f4.jpg

 photo comiccon034_zps828d2978.jpg

 photo comiccon038_zps2a8cecd2.jpg

 photo comiccon039_zps91c1fb2c.jpg

 photo comiccon042_zps97a61882.jpg

 photo comiccon043_zps490e5ff2.jpg

 photo comiccon044_zps4c8367db.jpg

 photo comiccon057_zps49120b67.jpg

 photo comiccon058_zpsf7ae984e.jpg

 photo meandxena_zpsc167cc8a.jpg

 photo comiccon060_zpse1e36980.jpg

 photo comiccon063_zps050c2983.jpg

 photo comiccon064_zpsbee798ab.jpg

 photo comiccon066_zpsc41a089c.jpg

 photo comiccon069_zps1db0bb89.jpg

 photo comiccon073_zps3488edc6.jpg

 photo comiccon074_zpsfe8ffeb2.jpg

 photo comiccon078_zps629622ad.jpg

 photo powerpuff_zps74fdb5a5.jpg

 photo comiccon080_zps12957f4c.jpg

 photo comiccon085_zps350521ad.jpg

 photo comiccon090_zps16249f39.jpg


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