Rockabella Car Show!

Considering how much smaller Rockabella was last year, I was not expecting this event to be so dang HUGE!!!!
I pretty much melted the first few hours, but once the sun started to set and it cooled off it was so much fun!
I met tons of gorgeous ladies, booked two future shoots, and did three shoots on site as well as took lots of photos of lovely ladies walking around and of course cars!
Me and Stevie had a freaking blast and we want to start doing as many car shows as possible together ’cause it was just too fun!!!!

 photo may18th008_zpsc8568230.jpg

 photo may18th009_zps18b6eb58.jpg

 photo may18th013_zps74101535.jpg

 photo may18th016_zpsf087c551.jpg

 photo may18th018_zpsf04813db.jpg

 photo may18th022_zps6c373858.jpg

 photo may18th023_zps144526d7.jpg

 photo may18th026_zps820ce87f.jpg

 photo may18th029_zps3717c496.jpg

 photo may18th032_zpsa816d365.jpg

 photo may18th039_zpsca64dfcc.jpg

 photo may18th043_zpsb7ff2056.jpg

 photo may18th046_zps3e872c5a.jpg

 photo may18th047_zps9e53ae44.jpg

 photo may18th048_zpsfae68bfa.jpg

 photo may18th050_zpsf1cb7094.jpg

 photo may18th052_zps9fc943cd.jpg

 photo may18th055_zpsa4688d20.jpg

 photo may18th059_zps84e0829a.jpg

 photo may18th061_zpsfc002a1d.jpg

 photo may18th138_zps435714ea.jpg

 photo may18th140_zps78d52463.jpg

 photo may18th158_zps79cbfb45.jpg

 photo may18th163_zpse72516cc.jpg

 photo may18th186_zps0ebeecf0.jpg

 photo may18th190_zps60a942ab.jpg

 photo may18th193_zps48783dd6.jpg

 photo may18th210_zps963f2c7b.jpg

 photo may18th222_zps62c142fa.jpg

 photo may18th237_zps641a85ad.jpg

 photo may18th262_zps6c7376c8.jpg

2 thoughts on “Rockabella Car Show!

  1. Looks like I totally missed out! I thought it was going to be a small deal again, but wow! I like the pictures you took and these definitely look better than the FB view lol I can see all the details in the lovely ladies’ outfits 🙂 Nice work, Tara!

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