Lovely Links 2013 Vol 3

Tom Gabel’s Transgender Journey. So proud and inspired by her. Against Me! has been my favorite band for a long time.

Margaret Cho is a badass. Seriously.

Funny texts from parents.

Jasmine Star is so smart. I needed to read this right now. Business is a little rough at the moment.

This is seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever seen photos of!

Early 20s vs. Late 20s– this is so hilarious!

Pretty sure I’ve been asked all of these questions.

I love Gala Darling– she’s so damn smart and amazing.

Post over on Heartbreaker Fashion’s blog about my shoot with Teer Wayde at Viva.

I think this has been linked like crazy, but if you’ve missed it somehow- Dove’s Beauty Sketch Experiment.

Oh Macklemore! I love you!

Awesome wedding photos– awesome as in hilarious!

Pretty much need to have a girl so we can match!

Interesting article about American Girl Dolls.

This necklace is so gorgeous. I wish I could order it!

I did some photos for Beat Black and she used them on her blog! beat

Badass voodoo wedding!

This bums me out- come on Disney!

Shooting for Things & Ink would be a serious dream come true!


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