Paint and Patron Art Show!

The Paint and Patron Art Show was on Friday night and it was so much fun!
I had a great time and got some awesome shots.
I was really impressed at how amazing the art work was!

 photo may064_zps52fbfcae.jpg

 photo may075_zps004420ed.jpg

 photo may082_zpsb35e62dc.jpg

 photo may085_zps946cdf7d.jpg

 photo may086_zps6189bd3a.jpg

 photo may087_zps9794bf9e.jpg

 photo may094_zps44fa9a61.jpg

 photo may106_zps1e0dbf29.jpg

 photo may112_zps190ac9a6.jpg

 photo may114_zpsd5f3cc50.jpg

 photo may116_zps134c5093.jpg

 photo may125_zps0977b6b6.jpg

 photo may131_zpseba8a12f.jpg

 photo may137_zpsfd0ea221.jpg

 photo may141_zpsa5be2a59.jpg

 photo may146_zps3cf65cb7.jpg

 photo may169_zps9496167c.jpg

 photo may184_zpsc6a81c65.jpg

 photo may186_zpsb6bf206d.jpg

 photo may201_zpsfac6cc79.jpg

 photo may225_zpsb958baf2.jpg

 photo may234_zps806c6a07.jpg

 photo may244_zps4ff119ee.jpg

 photo may253_zps79cb071a.jpg

 photo may255_zps40f64b5a.jpg

 photo may265_zps56a8633f.jpg


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