Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

My friend Taryn is just about the most gorgeous girl you could ever meet.
She’s beauty from head to toe, but turns out it gets even better, she is quite possibly the most giving lady I’ve ever met.
Taryn LIVES on the Ironwood pig sanctuary in Marana, AZ. She has literally devoted her life to the 500+ pigs that they take care of.
I am so proud to call her a friend and so blessed to know such a truly amazing woman who commits so much to such gorgeous animals.
I was amazed at how loving and sweet the pigs were, they were so much like my dogs I was surprised.
We had such a fun morning wandering and I took just shy of 100 photos of piggies!
Then we went to lunch at a super yummy place in Tucson called Lovin Spoonfuls.
I had such a great day with Taryn and I am so blown away at the incredible woman she is!

If you feel so compelled, check out the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary website and donate if you can!

 photo ironwood001_zps22851d41.jpg

 photo ironwood006_zpsf53b0356.jpg

 photo ironwood012_zps91249cd6.jpg

 photo ironwood019_zps62d8ac54.jpg

 photo ironwood021_zps2c689fed.jpg

 photo ironwood022_zpsa0b964e8.jpg

 photo ironwood028_zps1c25cc00.jpg

 photo ironwood030_zpsfbd16abd.jpg

 photo ironwood032_zps49d7f38c.jpg

 photo ironwood035_zpsd536f083.jpg

 photo ironwood037_zps3ad18073.jpg

 photo ironwood043_zpsb0146466.jpg

 photo ironwood044_zpsed14a606.jpg

 photo ironwood053_zps548e1e0a.jpg

 photo ironwood055_zps4efaaded.jpg

 photo ironwood060_zpsa2af40de.jpg

 photo ironwood061_zps95d143e8.jpg

 photo ironwood065_zps999fdece.jpg

 photo ironwood068_zpsc21250e0.jpg

 photo ironwood074_zpscede68b7.jpg

 photo ironwood077_zps428c85a3.jpg

 photo ironwood080_zps6727324b.jpg

 photo ironwood084_zpsb06c8233.jpg

 photo ironwood087_zpse7acc9db.jpg

 photo ironwood090_zpse165b32b.jpg

 photo ironwood095_zps98ce6cfa.jpg


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