Film Photography Day

I had the HUGE honor of speaking at the Phoenix meetup for Film Photography Day.
I did a talk on pinup photography and then we did a live shoot with a bunch of photographers shooting pinup style!
It was seriously so much fun and even though it was nerve wracking I am so proud of myself for getting up and talking in front of everyone!
I have it on video so I will share that when I get it edited and uploaded!

 photo filmphotoday006_zps983ef8b1.jpg

 photo filmphotoday009_zpsab155e81.jpg

 photo filmphotoday022_zps3917676a.jpg

 photo filmphotoday033_zps38f66dd8.jpg

 photo filmphotoday080_zpsa98b5f33.jpg

 photo filmphotoday094_zpsb27aef57.jpg

 photo filmphotoday107_zps67eee990.jpg

 photo filmphotoday111_zpsd904cbb6.jpg

 photo filmphotoday125_zpsfe8329b1.jpg

 photo filmphotoday133_zps2e9c3774.jpg

 photo filmphotoday136_zps2a6d5397.jpg

 photo filmphotoday144_zpscdfd786b.jpg
 photo filmphotoday165_zps942d39e8.jpg

 photo filmphotoday179_zps353faea3.jpg

 photo filmphotoday192_zpsf82ae07f.jpg

 photo filmphotoday210_zpsd62d0b02.jpg

 photo filmphotoday243_zps0249e524.jpg

 photo filmphotoday280_zps9500dfd8.jpg


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