Viva Las Vegas Behind the Scenes with Tara O.

Vegas was amazing. And busy. And amazing. But busy.
On Friday I got to shoot with one of my favorite pinup models- Angie Alamilla.
On Saturday I started at 6am and got to shoot my lovely long time client Jessa, a new client named Shanna, a wedding ceremony at the car show and then party with a bunch of friends.
Sunday was international day because I got to shoot a lovely girl from Canada named Susie Pie in the morning and then Teer Wayde from Australia in Heartbreaker Fashion threads all afternoon.
I also got to shoot some products on Mandie and Katrina from Heartbreaker as well. Then had an awesome night at Frankie’s Tiki Room.
The trip was over in a blink of an eye but so much fun and I am so grateful for the experience.


 photo vlvbts2_zpsa96b7e71.jpg

 photo vlvbts11_zps6101c49e.jpg

 photo vlvbts12_zpscf6180a7.jpg

 photo vlvbts23_zps45a5adda.jpg

 photo vlvbts6_zpse756ef33.jpg

 photo vlvbts9_zps413d9ed7.jpg

 photo vlvbts40_zps5f9217aa.jpg

 photo vlvbts42_zps6ff0ed57.jpg

 photo vlvbts47_zps4f5fed90.jpg

 photo vlvbts49_zpsd9d8df77.jpg

 photo vlvbts51_zps419731e8.jpg

 photo vlvbts52_zpsee9cbebe.jpg

 photo vlvbts53_zps9c00a572.jpg

 photo vlvbts29_zpsc626dbdd.jpg

 photo vlvbts58_zps523848c2.jpg

 photo vlvbts64_zpse0bd03e9.jpg

 photo vlvbts66_zps0852b947.jpg

 photo vlvbts69_zpsec7cc622.jpg

 photo vlvbts75_zpseb0e0c0b.jpg

 photo vlvbts77_zps0871b1d1.jpg

 photo vlvbts83_zps649dd5be.jpg

 photo vlvbts96_zpsf0b29c4c.jpg

 photo vlvbts125_zpsc921c1c1.jpg

 photo vlvbts30_zps45d559b8.jpg

 photo vlvbts111_zpsa4e41f2b.jpg

 photo vlvbts112_zpsac15024e.jpg

 photo vlvbts113_zps0cb970ec.jpg

 photo vlvbts114_zps763b94bc.jpg

 photo vlvbts117_zps241cd06a.jpg

 photo vlvbts120_zps7d1a2794.jpg

 photo vlvbts128_zps5305aa50.jpg

 photo vlvbts129_zpseb9c5b59.jpg

 photo vlvbts137_zpscc312e62.jpg

 photo vlvbts138_zps14167cdd.jpg

 photo vlvbts130_zpsdce545e3.jpg

 photo vlvbts142_zpse86827e2.jpg

 photo vlvbts132_zps3bf960ce.jpg

 photo vlvbts144_zps4dcaabe0.jpg

 photo vlvbts157_zps4cab29f8.jpg

 photo vlvbts165_zps28362ec2.jpg

 photo vlvbts167_zps27528575.jpg

 photo vlvbts168_zpscb3c64ae.jpg

 photo vlvbts170_zpsef4fa9d9.jpg

 photo vlvbts175_zps05454c17.jpg

 photo vlvbts176_zps5f972e34.jpg

 photo vlvbts181_zps005acf2d.jpg

 photo vlvbts184_zps21a347a6.jpg

 photo vlvbts185_zpsa15ec012.jpg


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