Viva Las Vegas Car Show Wedding

I was so honored to be able to photograph this awesome quickie ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas car show this past weekend!

It was such a fun and lighthearted experience- which is exactly what a wedding should be.

Thanks Christina and Rod Wunder for letting me be a part of your day!

 photo image5logo_zpsef41c779.jpg

 photo image44blurlogo_zpse58edd2d.jpg

 photo image57logo_zpsa2c1c143.jpg

 photo image102logo_zps13bfabec.jpg

 photo image107logo_zpsf31c40ba.jpg

 photo image116logo_zpsb8ec2fc1.jpg

 photo image125logo_zps5f7e05b7.jpg

 photo image172bwlogo_zpsda49952c.jpg

 photo image194desaturatedlogo_zpsc4c6fa75.jpg
 photo image207logo_zps391db409.jpg

 photo image237logo_zps31e086e6.jpg

 photo image253logo_zpsbc69e25f.jpg

 photo image286logo_zpse422dca8.jpg

 photo image302logo_zps5749766a.jpg

 photo image324logo_zps443a03a4.jpg

 photo image331logo_zps9aaf8100.jpg

 photo image349logo_zpsa2a6f7f2.jpg

 photo image392logo_zps77f34b63.jpg


2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas Car Show Wedding

  1. I was the first to ever get married at viva I called Tom and said Tom I wanna get married in ur show will u make me a spot and he said yes and it all began so happy u were able to get married there and some one else was able to enjoy my dream look up car show wedding and I’m the first pic with all the colored hair lol YouTube herecomestrouble88

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