Renaissance Festival!

Last weekend I had an awesome day date with my wonderful boyfriend at the Renaissance Festival!
He ate a turkey leg, I ate pizza and a baked potato. We also had awesome cinnamon almonds and cashews.
Oh, and a mint chocolate covered oreo!
I wanted to eat even more, but got so full so fast- there was good food everywhere you turned.
We watched some shows, walked around and took in the sights.
If you haven’t’ been I highly suggest it!

 photo march007_zps76bd4e3f.jpg

 photo march008_zpsd969b3bd.jpg

 photo march010_zps5bf234ef.jpg

 photo march011_zps09dc6b5a.jpg

 photo march012_zps8b51699a.jpg

 photo march014_zpseb476af7.jpg

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