Vargas the Pitbull

So a few weeks ago this super sweet little pit bull boy was right in our front yard when we left in the morning for me to take Mike to his carpool for work.
Much like when we took in Chicken, the plan was to find her another home, but it looks like he’s here to stay.
We just love him so damn much already and he’s so sweet and a really good listener.
Him and our other puppy Gunther are best friends, they love to lay together and most of all they wrestle like crazy.
I named him Vargas after Alberto Vargas, one of the best pinup illustrators of all time.


So meet the 7th member of the O’Connor/Werner pack-



 photo vargas_zps915be3de.jpg

 photo vargasagain_zpsecfd6281.jpg

 photo vargasandgunther_zps17c4abb4.jpg

 photo vargaswithourarms_zpsdbf346dd.jpg


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