Hair DIY!

When I was 16 or so I started dying my hair black.

True to my DIY punk rock roots, for a long time I always used the cheap box dye and did it myself.

Then I got a bit older, had a little more money and lots of friends working in salons giving me hefty discounts.

More recently I am super broke, due to being a freelance photographer (haha!) and realized maybe I should try the ol’ box one more time.

Much to my surprise, the same face is on the same box, and the price is still only $2.99 at Target.

I loved the red, but it’s so much upkeep and I figured why not go with all black for a while again.

So what did I learn? That it is super messy and that I should perhaps leave it up to my salon friends to make me look fresh and awesome.

I got black dye all over my bathroom and also some shot out of the bottle and onto the carpet right outside the bathroom door.
 photo march001_zpsf8e2ee8b.jpg

 photo march003_zpsd38e419a.jpg

 photo march004_zps0bb175a4.jpg

 photo march005_zpsa9086f49.jpg

 photo march007_zps74ec72bf.jpg

 photo march009_zpse82898a2.jpg

 photo march015_zpscf4af416.jpg


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