Lovely Links 2013 Vol 01

So I use to post these links lists a little more regularly, but I am so much more busy now that I work for myself!
But here’s a new list for you to check out!

Still can’t get over this badass shot of Joe and Marsha!


I pretty much love this dress so much it hurts!

Martha Stewart modeling– man I love that woman!

I want this big heart decal, pretty sure I would go with mint…

This video is just so dang cute, I’ve had an idea for stop motion video to do with my friends Natasha and Javi- I need to get on it.

Top Ten 30 Rock episodes. Appropriate find, as I am re-watching all the episodes right now.

Dude, If you don’t listen to Shannon & the Clams– you are a total loser!

Cute Valentine instagram photos!

I’ve been getting more and more into Pinterest– go check me out!

Food tattoos– so very cute!

Orla Kiely– you sleigh me! Why are you so damn expensive?!


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