Current Heartbreaker Lust List

About once a week I find myself making my cart full of pretty dresses over at Heartbreaker Fashion and then going “Oh yeah, mortgage…”
I just want to get rid of all my other dresses and fill up my closet with these beautys.
I mean, if you’ve ever owned an article of clothing from this line, you know exactly what I mean.

Here’s the stuff I currently want too damn bad!

Betty Lou Dress in Summer

I have the Betty Lou dress in Mustard and I am obsessed! The fit is amazing, I wore it when I went to the show I had photos in a few weeks ago- Hearts & Bones.

I would love to have it in this teal shade too, it would be perfect!

Beverly Dress in Mint Lynette

I only have the Beverly in three colors– not enough! I need the mint too!

Diner Dress in Navy

Not sure how I haven’t ended up with a diner dress yet…so gorgeous! And I LOVE navy. Anything nautical sign me up!

Francine Dress in Chocolate Dimensions

I love the longer sleeves on this, makes it just a little dressier. I have another dress in the dimensions print and I love it!

Tara top in Leopard

Yes, it’s my name, so duh I want it! Also, I took this photo of Miss Mandie!

Doreen dress in Cosmic

When I saw this in person I was obsessed- such a rad print. Oh yeah, I took this photo too!

Ruby Dress in Blue Anchors

Oh yeah, this print is damn adorable. I also took this photo of Miss Mandie!

Marlene Dress in Blue

Simply gorgeous. Love this cut!

Matilda Dress in Red

This one is so perfect too. I love a good peplum!

Milan Dress in Smoke

I just love how classic and classy this one isssssss!

Regina Dress in Lacey

This one is new- and it makes my heart skip a beat or two!

Ok, ok I will stop for now. This is so ridiculous because this is me cutting it down too!


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