I got to shoot with a super cute new client this weekend!
She had some super awesome ideas and brought super cute outfits.
And she even hand made the daisy crown and then let me keep it because I couldn’t shut up about how rad it was!


Model: Alannah

Hair by Stevie Rosalie

MUA Sabina Chowaniec


 photo Alannah96logo_zpsca4bce9f.jpg

 photo Alannah103logo_zps4a1152e9.jpg

 photo Alannah120logo_zps79d84be1.jpg

 photo Alannah152logo_zps4e7ed89d.jpg

 photo Alannah65logo_zpsb0a7bf0a.jpg

 photo Alannah48logo_zps79c4e2e9.jpg

 photo Alannah16logo_zps38f237f3.jpg

 photo Alannah28logo_zps35a7f90c.jpg

 photo Alannah31logo_zpsffcf3804.jpg

 photo Alannah45logo_zpsf8528d45.jpg

 photo Alannah6logo_zpsfa4689d4.jpg


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