Podojil Wedding

Shot this wedding this past weekend for Urbane Media!

I really like working for such a rad company and I am learning a lot about shooting weddings working with a few different photographers!

This is only a few from a set of 1600 photos- and I was the second shooter so that means there was thousands of photos for the happy couple!


 photo podojil54_zps440b2969.jpg

 photo podojil93_zps0d46675c.jpg
 photo podojil274_zpsf7427720.jpg

 photo podojil428_zpsac1244b8.jpg

 photo podojil625_zps1818a97d.jpg

 photo podojil845_zpseeee4097.jpg

 photo podojil866_zps4e80e5ba.jpg

 photo podojil1151_zps6f344f3a.jpg

 photo podojil1356_zps72621398.jpg

 photo podojil1391_zps7fa18ed9.jpg

 photo podojil1427_zpsbb44a53c.jpg

 photo podojil1590_zps1014c2a9.jpg

 photo podojil1592_zps5283987c.jpg


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