What I Wore- Wedding Photographer get up!

So after shooting a few weddings in dresses, I decided it was time to find a good looking pair of dress black pants.
If you’ve ever tried to find a pair you like that are comfortable you know what a pain it can be.
They are always so baggy or a weird material.
So my heart skipped a beat when I found these badass ones at Target. Along with the perfect cardigan and flats!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf001_zps81650ca7.jpg

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf004_zps1c4a1c1e.jpg

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf009_zps6c915027.jpg

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf011_zps4c68f7e9.jpg

The perfect wedding photographing outfit!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf014_zps57188c79.jpg

My badass Canon bag!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf015_zps3fc598a7.jpg

Don’t forget a hair tie on your wrist- just in case!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf024_zps5c6d31c6.jpg

Keep my hair pinned back and out of the way!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf026_zps69b250e4.jpg

Perfect comfy flats, they have awesome cushions.

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf028_zpsb4f7c7af.jpg

I added an extra cushion to make it super comfy!

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf031_zps30e9b41d.jpg

 photo djfaoisdjfoasijf032_zpsbf1811b0.jpg


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