Angie Alamilla at Viva Las Vegas

So, to celebrate the upcoming Viva Las Vegas– I am sharing some badass photos I took of Angie last year.

The swimsuit is from Fables by Barrie and the hat is vintage. I am unsure of the leopard set.

I submitted them a few places with no luck- ugh!
Enjoy these, she’s such a darling lady!

 photo angie43stamp_zps0ea24e54.jpg

 photo angie62stamp_zps0505f427.jpg

 photo angie68edited_zpsdd93dc7c.jpg

 photo angie76edited_zps2866a4da.jpg

 photo angie79edited_zps8529f892.jpg

 photo angie104edited_zps0ed68c3f.jpg

 photo angie112edited_zps8d3aca0e.jpg

 photo angie133edited_zpsb8c610ac.jpg

 photo angie164edited_zpsb229fc33.jpg

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