Heart & Bones

I had such an amazing time at the Hearts & Bones show on Saturday night!
It was beyond busy and hard to even more around- so badass!
We spent a majority of the time there on a couch ’cause if we would have gotten up there’s no way we could have sat back down.
I only stayed until about midnight because I am an old woman and was tired.
I felt gorgeous because Sabina was so rad and did my makeup for me, and I always feel cute when I wear Heartbreaker Fashion.

 photo graceband019_zpsb6880d9b.jpg

My buddy Tara that I use to work with stopped by- so sweet of her!

 photo graceband020_zps67a64ab6.jpg

The most amazing man that I have been so lucky to have as my boyfriend. God has blessed me so greatly with him!

 photo graceband021_zps045a6ad2.jpg

Amazing live painting this guy did!

 photo graceband024_zpscdaddc8e.jpg

Miss Stevie looked gorgeous in her vintage gold cardigan- I want!

 photo graceband028_zps08ab11ed.jpg

Me with my prints!

 photo graceband030_zpsabef87a7.jpg

Me and Mike by my prints!

 photo graceband032_zpsf0fa1221.jpg

Shannon grabbing her own hands?!

 photo graceband033_zpsbab7044d.jpg

All the prints, a little easier to see here…

 photo graceband034_zps23c64c50.jpg

Mike checking them all out.

 photo graceband036_zps0033decd.jpg

Shannon was so awesome for stopping by- so lucky to have an awesome sister!


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