So I went to the Gypsy Bar today to set up my photos for the Hearts & Bones show tomorrow night.

I am pretty excited, but also very very nervous.

There’s a lot of really good Phoenix photographers showing work and I am so damn worried being around so much talent.

I took it as an opportunity to do something creative and meaningful to me as oppose to using it as an opportunity to show people who “Tara O. Photos” is.

It’s gotten a lot of coverage in the meantime and is going to be a huge event so I started working I was passing up a chance to gain more business.

But then when I thought more, the theme was “love” and really, I needed to show how much love I have in my life- and this isn’t even everyone I wanted to include.

Showing my pinup work that I do as Tara O. would be showing what I love to do- but I don’t think that’s really the same thing as using “love” as  theme. Ya know?

Anyways, I am super duper nervous and yesterday kept thinking about backing out or doing something else, but ya know what- even if nobody else likes it- and I don’t get a drop of business, it’s an awesome showcase of all the love I have in my life and many of the people (and dogs, hehe) who make me who I am.


“I Want to Hold Your Hand” by Tara O’Connor (2013)

 photo ootd043_zpsb60297fe.jpg

 photo ootd047_zpsfe7648b0.jpg

 photo ootd049_zpsd96ef416.jpg


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