Crazy Dog Lady


A few years ago if you would have asked me if I liked dogs I would say “yeah I’d like to get one”
For a while I was in school and apartments and busy and didn’t have time or the means to take care of one.
When I moved into my house I thought I’d end up with a dog at some point. Maybe.


Then I met Mike, and along with Mike is Lou.
At first all I could think was “this dog is huge” and then I realized how amazing he was and fell totally in love.
In fact, Lou moved in with me before Mike even did!


And now three years later, I have four dogs.
And not only four dogs, but four huge dogs. That are the sweetest things ever.
Two rottweilers, a pitbull mix and a pitbull rotweiller. Just a few small dogs.


I always thought “dog people” were silly. I mean, it’s just a dog…
But I totally get it now. My dogs are my family.
They are so important to me and I will do anything to take care of them and make them happy.


Rescuing Chicken has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.
To see her change from so scared and afraid to being more loving and sweet and part of our pack, well, it’s awesome.
All my dogs are so different and unique with great little personalities.
I love them all differently and to bits.


Note: Lou isn’t in these photos because he is an old man nowadays and was sleeping in the closet inside! My lazy bones!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Dog Lady

  1. It’s crazy to see Chicken and Gunther together, knowing that he is her son! I would never guess it, if I didn’t KNOW it! haha They look so different. And he is getting HUGE, so fast! Sheesh!

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