Working from home!



So I know I have been sort of quiet lately and I apologize for that, if any of you are actually consistent readers : ]

I am having a hard time lately with working from home. Ok ok, I know I am not allowed to say that right? It’s everyone’s dream to work from home? To not go to an office everyday? To not have to be somewhere the same time every morning…

Well for me right now, I am craving that pattern. I am trying to work on establishing a routine for my at home work life, but it is very hard because my work load changes. It’s not the same everyday like it always was at most businesses I worked. Some things are the same, like answering emails and editing photos and such, but some stuff changes too much. It’s very hard for me most days and I wish I just had an office to go to and work and then when I came home I wasn’t working. I feel like since I work from home, in my living room no less, that I am always “at work” and should always be “working”.


So I am going to outline what I want to try to stick to (for the most part!):

5am: Wake up and take my time getting dressed/ready

5:30am: Walk one or two of the dogs, or do some yoga

6:30am: Drink my tea, take herbs, feed dogs and eat breakfast while reading

7am: Take a shower and get “dressed”

7:30am: Meditate for at least 20 minutes

8am: Check emails, make contact sheets, edit, work on various projects

11am: Check blogs, write in my own blog

noon: Eat lunch and watch some tv or read

1pm: Run any errands needed or continue on various photo projects

4pm: Start dinner and tidy up the house

5pm: Continue to work, if needed, until Mike gets home


So I think having this written out is going to help. Some mornings I wake at 5, some at 6 and some not until 9! Ooops!
I think having a consistent plan and not just waking up and going “oh yeah, what today” will help me stop stressing about wasting time and my productivity for sure.

And with that I am off to get some work done! Do any of you work from home- any advice?



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