Baby Gunther boy! This is the puppy we are keeping! I love him so dang much already!

Loving: being busy and running around like crazy. Even though I am so tired, I have tomorrow off to try to get some stuff caught up and taken care of and maybe take a breath or two. I did so many photo shoots this weekend and had a total blast. I wish every weekend could be super busy with shoots and making monies!

Reading: Oh man! When would I have the chance to read? I have Tina Fey “Bossypants” and another book by Noah Levine- can’t remember the title on my nightstand to read!

Watching: Ugh, do I have to admit that I’ve been watching Bridalplasty in the background of editing? It’s such an awful show, it makes me so irritated, but it’s like too good to look away- train wreck!

Thinking about: my photo shoot I did on Sunday for Phoenix magazine. I am crossing my fingers and toes and praying to get a full page, or a spread or oh my word- a cover. I would D-I-E.

Stressing about: Some issues I am having with my camera. A lot of my photos this weekend came out blurry, I am just not sure why, I think I need to get a new lens and I just don’t have the money for it.

Looking forward to: seeing Amanda Palmer this coming weekend with my amazing buddy Jessica.

Making me happy: puppies, even though they poop so much it’s ridiculous and I hate picking it up! Halloween coming up! Lot of rad  photo-ness coming up! Having my first ever ride in a limo this afternoon! Ice cold water! My sweet fella! And all the good times and memories from this past weekend with Miss Mandie and Angie!


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