My Super Sweet Fella

Mike talking to a stranger at the gas station the other day

I feel so damn blessed to have such a killer cool boyfriend. He is so beyond awesome. I can’t believe that I get him. I want to keep him forever. He can (and often will) strike up a conversation with a stranger. At the gas station this guy started asking about the mpg of our Jetta so Mike starts talking to him, finds out a trucker and they start talking about gas prices and “the man” and my fella is told by this guy that someone needs to start the revolution to get things back to those they belong to. So weird, because Mike has been feeling really compelled to try to change things lately. That’s my boy, dreaming so big and wanting to do so much good. Sigh. I love him.

Also, the old timer told Mike that he thought my tattoos were nice. And then said “Hell, she’s pretty much nice all over” to which Mike said “Yes she is”. I couldn’t hear in the car but he told me that once he got it. I thought it was so cute.


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