Chilling during the tiki shoot yesterday!!!

Loving: so so so much. Having the tiny baby puppies in our home is such a joy everyday. I want to keep them all. I look at them and then start to get sad thinking about them leaving, but I am trying to just enjoy having them around and watching Chicken love on her babies.

Reading: I started a book on the history of punk but didn’t really like the way it was written so I stopped. I think I am going to start “Mirror Mirror” my sister bought me forever ago! I have about a 100 books on my amazing wishlist though, thinking of ordering myself something new soon! I really want to get better about reading more and watching less TV, even though I don’t watch much as it is. The TV is only on at night after Mike gets home usually.

Watching: Literally, at the moment, me and Mike are watching Reaped on Netflix, which is pretty good so far, though we are on the first episode. I am enjoying it though, it’s a pretty silly premise.

Thinking about: the need for a revolution. This might sound crazy and weird to some people, but I really feel like it needs to come. We are all so obsessed with consuming and buying and I just hate it. I want people to start taking their own power back and doing things for themselves. I think DIY is the way we all need to live. Support small businesses and stop buying into the crap of consumerism.

Surprised by: How good I’ve been doing not taking my anti-depressant. I am sure I will go into it more in the future. For now I am just trying to not make a huge deal about it and not dwell on it so it doesn’t catch up to me. I feel like if I remind myself over and over that I am not taking it, it doesn’t do any good.

Making me sad: The Phoenix heat. I just want yummy fall weather. I am so over summer, I hate  the heat so so much.

Making me happy: Is this the same as the first question? Ha! I don’t care, I will talk good things all night! I am happy to have a nice full belly full of vegan shepherds pie right now. Made with sweet potatoes instead of regular. So damn yummy and healthy too!

Idea for the currently posts taken from Sometimes Sweet!


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