My 27th Birthday

Friday night was my birthday get together and it was simply amazing!
I felt so loved and special and had a nice relaxing evening with friends.

My cousin Nikki came all the way from Tucson (with her amazing yellow purse) to see me- so sweet of her!


Got to hangout with the most gorgeous lady ever, Ana.


Sabina, my makeup lady and Danielle, my new hair guru. Dream Team!


Me and Miss Sabina Bina!!!


Danielle and myself!


Beautiful roses from Miss Ana!


Me and my way too handsome fella!



So I woke up Sunday with a sore throat, it wasn’t from partying as I only consumed one hard cider the whole night (I know I’m so old!)

I had shoots booked all day so after working my buns off I felt like total garbage. It was official, sick for my birthday! Boooo.


I still went to breakfast with my sister and Dad, but then went right back home to bed.


My awesome Dad who got me a new lens- hooray!


Mike left work early and woke me up to take me to lunch. I was too sick for the Lush shopping trip or Phenomenauts show we had planned, but I did get to nap all afternoon next to my handsome fella. Woke up later in the evening for pizza and watched I Love You, Man with the pups. Then right back to bed. Still feeling pretty sick today, though a teeny bit better. Been working for a few hours, but I think it might be nap time again pretty quickly!

Pretty much a bummer of a birthday, but I still feel very loved and very grateful for another year on this beautiful earth!


One thought on “My 27th Birthday

  1. I totally know what you mean. That day Javi and I cam over for dinner, I went home and passed out. The next day, I woke up with a throat metaphorically filled with broken shards of glass. The pain lasted all week! I drank a lot of tea with nectar and apple cider vinegar in it! I also gargled cayenne, and gargled oil of oregano. It really helped! I hope you feel better. Love you!

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