Friday Favorites!

So I haven’t been doing so good with posting the Friday Favorites lately, but here’s another edition I hope you enjoy!

Can I have this hair please?

Interesting article about Photoshop– a question I ask myself a lot.

Lush is releasing a new line! Yay!

I really want to go see this documentary- Tattoo Nation!

Oh man, I fucking love Nicki Minaj so much!

Isn’t Natalie from Bake and Destroy so dang cute in this video!

I really want to make some of these photo lanterns– the little ones are so darling.

I am so in love with this wedding, I want to photograph more weddings!!!

Wow, I think I love Sarah Silverman even more than I thought I could after seeing this silly video!

I wish doing my hair was this quick and easy!

Johnny Cupcakes is so inspiring to me, he’s just basically built his dream. I wish his ice cream tour was in Phoenix.

Oh Laura Gabel, I love you so so so much. I wanna take photos with the passion she sings with. I almost cried just watching this. Oh man, have you seen this video too?


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